FEYREP, Africa farming project partner on women, youth empowerment in Akwa Ibom

Family Empowerment & Youth Orientation Programne (FEYREP), the pet project of the office of Akwa Ibom First Lady partnered with Africa Farming Project (AFP) on women and youth empowerment in the state.


Speaking at a press briefing in Lagos State on the WAIPlAS Agribusiness Expo in Uyo, the National Coordinator of AFP, Mr. Bright Isaac Okwu, said that the event was designed to bring various aquaculture, livestock and agro allied stakeholders to show their knowledge to the benefit of the people.


He added that farmers, agencies, institutions, governments, producers, processors, manufacturers, marketers, distributors, associations together from all West African states, Africa and other countries of the world would attend to share their business, knowledge too.


He further added that the event would involve exhibitions, training, business meetings and trade mission opportunity for the women and the youth in the state.


“It will also promote and encourage local agribusiness production, processing, marketing and export, which will in turn empower & create wealth for the people. It will give investors in various parts of West African states and other countries the opportunity to come together to share their business and product innovations which will create an ideas of opportunity to indigenous agribusiness operators.


“This will also bring the government, investors, and research institutions together for trade missions and economic integration. It will create a database that will assist to enhance the growth and development of agribusiness in Nigeria. It will further encourage inter-country and continental business links and export. The foreign participants will have an opportunity to introduce their products to West Africa farmers and share their experiences.


“This will also encourage local and international market and investment.  It will help the government to ascertain the true position of agriculture development in West Africa and hence help in the future planning”, he said.