Uganda Understudies Sokoto’s Health Systems


R-L: Sokoto Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, presenting a gift to the Director General, Health Services in Uganda’s Ministry of Health, Dr. Aceng Jane Ruth

By Abdallah el-Kurebe

A medical team from Uganda is visiting Sokoto to study the Nigerian state’s success in the application, management and control of misoprostol, the drug used in stopping bleeding in women during child birth.

Sokoto’s use of the drug has been hailed by public health officials and development partners as one of the most successful in sub Saharan Africa, with over 90 percent success rate which has led to saving of lives of both mother and new born children.

Speaking when the team visited Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal in Sokoto Tuesday, leader of the delegation and the Director General of Health Services in Uganda’s Ministry of Health, Dr. Aceng Jane Ruth, said they were in the state to assess the success of the drug and interact with those who have used it.

“While in Sokoto, our team will also hold discussions with religious and community leaders considering the fact that Sokoto has adopted a community approach to the usage of the drug.

“From my interactions here so far, Misoprostol has proven to be life saver to many women. It has drastically reduced the number of deaths for mothers during child birth which in turn ensured survival of new born babies,” she said.

The DG added that Nigeria and Uganda share a lot of similarities in areas of socio-economic indices, and requested the two governments to work closely for the benefit of their citizens.

In his remarks, Tambuwal said Sokoto government gives priority attention to the issue of community health, the result of which has improved survival rate of women and children.

He said the use of misoprostol has proven to be successful, and urged the Ugandan team to closely monitor how it is applied by women back in their country.