By ‎Abdallah el-Kurebe 

As Nigeria strategies for a final kick-out of poliomyelitis from its domain, Sokoto South local government  of Sokoto state has recorded an improvement on targeted children to be immunized against the first round, which took place in January.

On the first day of the ‎Immunisation Plus Days (IPDs), which began on Saturday, the local government immunized 14,619 of the total target population (TP) of 17,268 children.

Reports of Focal Persons from ‎the 11 wards indicated appreciable improvement from what obtained during the January round.

Of a total of 411 households (HHs), 611 children were initially recorded as absent. However, before the end of the day, 307 households with 462 children were ‎resolved, leaving 104 households with 149 to be resolved.

Relatively, although 320 households with 633 children were initially recorded as non compliant (NC), 101 households with 194 children were resolved, leaving 219 with 439 children to be resolved.

‎Similarly, Sokoto South local government has set up ‘Ardo teams’ aimed at capturing the children of the nomadic Fulani people at‎ various fulani settlements in the eleven wards of the local government.‎
Of interest is that local government had set up seven Non Compliance Resolution Committees to resolve cases of rejection and non compliance during the four-day exercise. Each team is comprised of one health worker, one religious leader and a traditional ruler.

Posted by Abdallah el-kurebe