By Muhammed Kabir Hassan

The All Progressives Congress (APC) campaign trail in Sokoto gathered tumultuous reception of Sokoto masses. In every local government people line up enthusiastically to welcome the campaign team in appreciation of the development impacts of Governor Wamakko, the leader of the Party in the State.

The team includes known weights in Sokoto politics like Ummarun Kwabo A.A, Maigari Dingyadi among others that incorporate major businessmen who benefited from the business revolving loan of Governor Wamakko. At every point people eagerly join APC they believe shall bring positive change at all levels of governance in this country. There is ubiquitous hope for continuity in the line of the party’s government. It is a government that has provided basic necessities of life to reduce poverty. Farmers have enormously been empowered through provision of implement and input. They have been given loan to improve their capacity to increase acreage cultivation and production output.

The youth and women have been empowered through education and vocational skills. They are now major contributors to the growth of the economy. Governor Wamakko’s administration is credited as the most progressive in the provision of critical infrastructure that target the youth in all ramifications. A close look at the focus of development strategies of the government readily reveals projects that are modern oriented geared towards stimulation of youth vibrancy.

Education is very pivotal in employment generation for the youth who are future leaders. APC government in Sokoto has given piquant attention to this sector by establishment of tertiary institutions. These institutions include a functional university and rehabilitation of schools across the state. Efforts of the administration have boosted huge increase in school enrollment in the State to the chagrin of critics.

Governor Wamakko’s administration is an exception in allegation of non performing governors in the country. He exceedingly outpaced his predecessors in road construction, provision of electricity that includes 30 megawatts independent power plant (IPP), urban and rural water supply, massive housing provision, motivation of the civil service and teachers in every desirable aspect, welfare packages for the vulnerable, health care delivery services, including environmental management. Indeed, it is an administration that touched every aspect of human needs within available resources.

Governor Wamakko’s administration set a pace which the next governor, Alhaji Aminu Waziri Tambuwal shall expand for more services. It’s a development template Sokoto electorate anxiously wait to vote for. They have seen, felt and trust the crop of leadership thick in APC. Undoubtedly, APC campaigns are empirically tailored. Issues prominent dominate marketability of the Party to the people. When a programme has mass appeal there is consequent conscientious conviction that material inducement is essentially inconsequential. The change chorus of APC is to reflect such exemplary performance of Governor Wamakko in Sokoto State at the federal level.

Sokoto political watchers affirm that APC shall coast to easy victory during the coming elections. PDP elements in their campaign of calumny descend to base issues that are laughable in content. They resort to personality disparaging and material inducement which elongate corruption character at the central government, soon to be tackled head on by the incoming president, Muhammadu Buhari whose victory is a done deal with the current nation-wide mantra for change through due democratic process. Under the co-ordinating capacity and capability of Governor Wamakko the entire northwest of the country is a sure delivery to APC. This is the phobia and finger biting desperation of PDP in this zone. Governor Wamakko shall rubbish arrogant boast of self-styled political strategists to ruffle the feathers of APC in Sokoto.

On every forum APC drums peace in spite of unnecessary provocation of PDP supporters. Reasonable people have often drawn appropriate attentions to that crude politicking that does not augur well for the development of democracy in Sokoto State. APC remains decorous in language articulation to focus on issues. It is expected PDP should muster civil means to showcase their programme if they are not impulsively vendetta wish. But the masses of Sokoto State are weary of personality cult that believes in ‘throw me corn’ or chickens and grains. They want leaders that provide competitive capacity and capability to fuse into the fast evolving world of the 21st century.

It is our strong resolve to continue to sensitize voters in the northwest zone to the importance and desirability to line up behind leaders that shall protect their values in effective representation and good governance. Such persons must be homely to grasp the yearnings of the masses. They must shun ambitious personalities that pitch their tent to places of personal comfort at the detriment of the development of their people. This is the change APC stands for.

Muhammed Kabir Hassan is of North-West Coalition of Professional Patriots, Sokoto