Don’t Fight Campaigns Wars, Fight Insurgency, – Sultan Tells Jonathan


By Abdallah el-Kurebe

Sultan Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar bared his mind to President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday when the later paid courtesy visit at his palace.

The Sultan told Jonathan that the time to end the current insurgency was now when the nation needed peace.

According to him, “The timeline to immediately bring an end to the current insurgency in the country is now. The problem of insurgency must be brought to an end,” Abubakar told Jonathan adding, “And as a President, you should ensure peace and stability in the country.

“There is rot in almost all sectors of the Nigerian economy, including education and the trend of insecurity among others. So, we should address issues that could bring succour to an average Nigerian,” he said.

Expressing his concern over the use of religion and ethnicity instead of issue-based campaigns by politicians at rallies, the Sultan cautioned politicians against discouraging national unity among Nigerians.

“Politicians should not encourage sentiments against patriotism and national unity among Nigerians,” he cautioned.

While commending the violent-free pact signed by presidential candidates of political parties, the Sultan however observed that “signing the pact was not enough to address the situation. It has to translate to the lower level Nigerians who should be cautioned against the use of thugs and weapons before, during and after elections.”

Also wondering why politicking had turned to war in the country, Abubakar observed that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressive Congress (APC) both has Christians and Muslims as members who must respect each other’s religious belief.

He recalled that what was happening today in Nigeria “Even in 2011, we did not face such challenges.

“We should know that both parties have significant number of Christians and Muslims as members and God knows why he created us to live together as Nigerians.

“We should respect our individual religious tenets otherwise one will be turning against his or her own religious tenets”, he stressed.

Abubakar called on Nigerian leaders to continue to dialogue on matters affecting the country “by preserving and encouraging the love for one another.”

The Sultan noted with concern the serious global crisis in Paris, France and called on Nigerians not to be dragged into it.

“Nigeria must not allow foreign happenings to creep into our domain. That does not concern us because it did not happen here. We must condemn same in order to safeguard our territory.

President Jonathan had told the Sultan that his visit was to seek his blessings as a mark of respect for the Sultanate.

Citing the Almajiri Integrated Model School inaugurated a few years back in Sokoto, Jonathan said: “I am particularly concerned about the education of the Nigerian child who should access same for a sound foundation for self and nation building.