Siren Used for Candidates of Political Parties in Sokoto

Siren Used for Candidates of Political Parties in Sokoto
By Abdallah el-Kurebe

Against the new rule that only Governors, deputy governors, Speakers of states House of Assemblies and their deputies, AIG and Police Commissioners, sirens are being used for candidates of political parties in Sokoto.

Newsdiaryonline reliably reports that at 11.07am on Kaduna Road on Saturday, a Prado Jeep of a candidate of one of the major political parties in Sokoto was seen between
Police and Civil Defence vehicles with siren being blown.
The development confirms how with impunity, lawlessness is aided, abated and promoted by some junior security officers thereby putting the integrity of the agencies to question.

The use of siren is a thing that must not be allowed to be abused.